Original Compositions

Devil's Tuning Fork - Lucid Dream
Devil's Tuning Fork - Awakening
Devil's Tuning Fork - Tribulations
Devil's Tuning Fork - Up

"Apes of Wrath" Battle
Forest Battle
Majestic Mountains
Jazzy Intro Sample

Build-up Battle

Abandoned Station
Battle at the Abandoned Station
Frantic Heart

Grand Theme

Battle Theme 1


Electric Playground
Written for high school band, this arrangement centers itself on popular songs from video games. Included in this medley are Super Mario Bros. - Overworld Theme, Kirby's Adventure - Green Greens, Legend of Zelda - Overture, Final Fantasy VIII - Prologue, Megaman 2 - Openint Title. Completed March 2005.

Final Fantasy VII Suite
Written for high school band, this arrangement features the piano and keyboard. The medley includes pieces of the following songs from FINAL FANTASY VII: Opening Theme, Cid's Theme, You Can Hear the Cries of the Planet, Main Theme, One-Winged Angel, Aerith's Theme, J-E-N-O-V-A, Fighting, & World Crisis. Completed March 2006.